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Mumm-Ra's pyramid was awfully quiet. Even when the tips of the four obelisks surrounding it didn't emit any lightning, it was still a frightening place. But just then, those tips glowed immensely, and out their mystical lightning went, eventually coming upon the pyramid's own tip. Something very serious must've happened to want to awaken Mumm-Ra from his slumber.

"Who dare to disturb the sleep of Mumm-Ra?" boomed the demon-priest's voice from inside his sarcophagus in the tomb chamber. The eyes of the open-mouthed skull housing the mildewed, stone-grey crypt glowed green. The sarcophagus opened up to reveal the awakened, withered form of Mumm-Ra, himself bathed in an eerie green glow that evaporated quickly.

He walked out of the source of his strength and straight over to the boiling purple waters of his cauldron. With a simple stretchout of his arms, the cauldron emitted purple steam that dissipated to reveal a vision of the Cat's Lair. He covered himself up in his tattered robe and stared in disgust at the home of his most hated enemies.

"Those insufferable ThunderCats," he snarled. "What could they have done this time to awaken me from my sleep?"

The cauldron's vision shifted to the ThunderCats giving four unknown children, a dog, and a floating gopher a tour of the lair. He gazed at the newcomers curiously.

"Those six I have never seen before," he mused. However, when he sensed a powerful energy inside the gopher, he gaped. He widened his eyes, and they glowed pulsatingly. He looked closer at the small creature and narrowed his eyes.

"What is this? That gopher possesses magic that could rival my own. It could even rival Lion-O's precious Sword of Omens."

Stretching his arms out yet again, Mumm-Ra called out, "Nemesis, force of darkness, come to the aid of Mumm-Ra! Tell me of this strange gopher creature! Where does he hail from, and how will I use him to my advantage?!"

The cauldron's vision faded, and a massive, sky-blue fire appeared before Mumm-Ra, who then had his arms crossed in a ritual-esque manner. The fire spoke to the decayed mummy in a deep British voice, "The creature you speak of, Mumm-Ra, is called a Glomley. He comes from the magical dimension of Chaundoon, where Glomleys and leprechauns alike work together in harmony."

"Where is this Chaundoon?" asked Mumm-Ra.

"It exists at the edge of the rainbow, sealed off from outsiders," answered Nemesis. "But Chaundoon was not as it is today. Observe."

The fire dissolved, and only the cauldron remained. The cauldron revealed a vision of a less-colorful domain full of male and female Glomleys going about each other's businesses, some Glomleys fully clothed. The sky was back with gloomy, dark-grey clouds.

"Long ago," began Nemesis, his voice now having a reflective effect, "Chaundoon was not so magical. The Glomleys treated each other differently. They did not believe in harmony, nor in any other outside source. But that had changed one day, when an elderly male Glomley named Glomward believed his people could do more with themselves and their lives."

Next up, the cauldron showcased the Glomley that Nemesis spoke of, one who saw beyond the nature of his people. He had grey fur as opposed to the usual beige fur a Glomley had, and his face was that of a seasoned veteran. His hair and beard were a darker grey. He held a cane to keep himself steady. He looked on from his house at the present state his people were in, and his expression was of disappointment and sadness. Gathering his courage, he went outside to offer a solution to them.

"When Glomward addressed his people, he suggested that they look beyond what they think they knew about themselves and let themselves grow into something more," Nemesis continued as Glomward tried to reason with the Glomleys. His advice had gotten through to some of them, but the rest had protested what he proposed, and strongly believed they were happy the way they were, that they did not need any outside sources interfering with their way of life."

What the cauldron showed next definitely peaked Mumm-Ra's interest, for he was absorbed already into Chaundoon's history. He slightly leaned in, his eyes flashing a supernatural red. The cauldron's vision was of the Glomleys attacking each other in every sort - throwing, kicking, tripping, grappling, punching, strangling, and poking.

Nemesis continued to narrate their backstory. "A while later, the Glomleys ended up fighting each other over Glomward's words, almost to the point of extinction. They fought so much that logic and reason had given way to rage and barbarism."

"And what happened afterwards, Nemesis?" Mumm-Ra inquired.

"What happened next would change Glomleykind forever," replied Nemesis. "A stranger appeared before them. Her name was Prospora, a watcher from the dimension of Spectac."

Before the Glomleys was the turquoise-glowing feminine shape. It startled the them rightfully. The glow faded soon to reveal a wavy brown-haired, grey-eyed woman in a copper toga. Glomward and his kin stared at this stranger who appeared out of nowhere in their darkest hour.

"Prospora had witnessed the Glomleys' turmoil firsthand, and unknown to her people, she secretly travelled to Chaundoon to appeal to the Glomleys to surpass their way of thinking," continued Nemesis as Prospora conversed with the Glomleys. "She saw something in Glomward that he had yet to realize himself - that Chaundoon needed a leader."

"She was not a worthy candidate, perhaps," figured Mumm-Ra.

"You are correct," Nemesis noted. "Prospora believed Glomward to be Chaundoon's guardian, but Glomward did not believe that. He felt he was not worthy of leadership, that he was responsible for Chaundoon's destruction. Though he admitted his mistake, Prospora still saw in him great potential."

"Did he accept her offer?"

"Yes, Mumm-Ra, with some convincing. Prospora gave some of her power to Glomward, and a new uniform that would solidify his new status."

Prospora raised her left hand and generated a multi-colored sphere that ricocheted towards and enveloped Glomward in its light. For a minute, only the light remained, and the Glomleys were wondering what would become of the one they fought over earlier. But their fears were put to rest when the light faded to reveal Glomward in an all-white robe. They were taken aback by his new clothing, and so was he.

"Prospora told Glomward that if he used his new gift properly, his life would be prolonged," stated Nemesis. "She assured him that he would lead Chaundoon to a new age of peace and happiness, and bade him and the Glomleys farewell." Prospora disappeared in the same glow she arrived in.

"Very interesting," mused Mumm-Ra.

"Glomward concentrated on the paradise he envisioned Chaundoon to be. His concentration paid off," continued Nemesis once more. Glomward closed his eyes in concentration and held his left hand up in the air. It emitted sparkles waiting to be released. When Glomward opened his eyes, they glowed white, and the sparkles flew from his hand, stopping in the middle of the sky. They exploded and transformed Chaundoon into what Glomward had envisioned - a rebuilt, more-colorful paradise complete with fuschia sky and yellow clouds.

"And so began the Glomleys' path to the light." Glomward and his kin faced each other with hope and love now radiating within them, Prospera's words having gotten through to them. The Glomleys knelt before Glomward in a knight-like fashion, causing him to smile. "They promised themselves that they would never again give in to despair, and accepted Glomward as their leader."

"But what about the leprechauns, Nemesis?" Mumm-Ra asked. "How did they wind up in Chaundoon?"

"They arrived by accident," Nemesis answered for the demon-priest as the cauldron showcased a union between the Glomley and leprechaun peoples that was formed a while later that allowed Chaundoon to fully evolve into the city it was today, with Glomward overseeing everything. "They attempted to breach the time-space continuum and failed miserably. Instead of shunning them outright, Glomward - soon to be known to future Glomleys as 'the Great Glomley Elder' - offered them a place to stay."

"Well, this certainly changes things. How will all this help me to regain my dominance of Third Earth?"

The cauldron now shifted to an adult female Glomley holding a sleeping baby male Glomley covered in a purple blanket with an adult male Glomley right by their side.

"The Glomley that was born into Chaundoon, named Glomer, had been unaware of how Chaundoon used to be," said Nemesis. The cauldron magically zoomed in on baby Glomer, his quietness seemingly conveying innocence. "He unknowingly had inherited from his mother the darkness that no longer plagued his people."

The cauldron's vision showed a two-year-old Glomer getting chastised by his parents for pulling an unnecessary prank on another child Glomley. His response was simply getting angry at them through his magic, his eyes glowing white and his body surrounded by a lavender-colored aura that shook their household and would eventually destroy Chaundoon.

"Both his parents realized that Glomleykind's inner demons existed within their son, and through Glomward's teachings, they performed a spell that had, unfortunately, regressed some of Glomer's courage," Nemesis continued.

Glomer's parents took each other's hands, closed their eyes, and murmured a chant in an ancient lanuage without letting go of each other. The mother raised her right arm and the father his left; they opened their eyes, pointed at their son, and shot rainbow-colored laser beams at Glomer, whose aura changed to the exact same color with anger fading and his eyes no longer glowing. The mother gently picked him up and held him in his arms, relief coursing through her and the father. The last remaining darkness of Glomleykind was put to rest, but at a cost.

"That same Glomley child, now four years old, is among the newcomers of Third Earth, and is still unaware of Chaundoon's true history. You can use Glomer's homeland to turn him over the dark side, and cleanse Third Earth of the ThunderCats for good." Now the cauldron shifted to the present with floating, four-year-old Glomer and his five companions inside the Cat's Lair's hangar, with the ThunderCats showcasing the ThunderTank to the easily-frightened newcomers; it was the tank's cat-like features that caused them to fear it. The vision faded back to the boiling fluids.

Mumm-Ra snickered. "When do I begin, Nemesis?" he asked eagerly, raising his left hand through his robe.

"By nightfall, demon priest," replied Nemesis. "When the ThunderCats and their new guests turn themselves in for the night, you are to invade Glomer's mind and give him a nightmarish vision of Chaundoon. Strike at his homesickness with all the power you can muster."

Mumm-Ra narrowed his eyes and smirked. "Yes," he said in a much lower voice. "And I can project an image of Glomward to 'help' Glomer through his troubles while I'm at it."

"Exactly," Nemesis said in a pleasing tone. "Return now to your crypt. Third Earth will be yours once again, just as it was when you were the human pharoah, Ka-Rey-Bar." At the mention of Mumm-Ra's former self, the mummy merely scoffed and turned his back on the cauldron. When he was once the pharoah known as Ka-Rey-Bar, he ruled over all of Egypt and eventually First Earth. Those who opposed him back then had put him in his place - in the very same pyramid that had always been his home - but his evil would never be subdued.

"Ka-Rey-Bar is dead," Mumm-Ra replied flatly, retreating to his sarcophagus as ordered. He stated with a little more gusto, "Now there is only Mumm-Ra, the Everliving." He cackled quietly to himself at this new attempt to vanquish the ThunderCats and reclaim his right to rule Third Earth. Once he reached his resting place and went back to sleep, the lid closed shut, and all was quiet once again.

The alarm systems in the control room of Cat's Lair went off yet again, which meant trouble was afoot somewhere around Third Earth. The door opened, and in ran the ThunderCats and Team Punky, their tour of the lair interrupted. Lion-O sat in the central chair and turned on the screen to reveal the Warrior Maidens' Treetop Kingdom being invaded by the Reptilians with both sides fending off each other's attacks. Team Punky were horrified at what they were seeing.

"What's happening, Lion-O?" asked Punky.

"The Warrior Maidens are under attack by the Reptilians," fretted the ThunderCat Lord, turning his chair to face Punky and her crew.

Panthro, Tygra, and Cheetara were seated at all three sub-control panels monitoring different locations. "The Berbil Village is under seige as well," noted the panther with an edge in his voice.

"And the Unicorn Forest," Tygra said from his position. "It's possible that the Monkians and Jackalmen have intruded on both places, too," he calculated.

Cheetara checked out other locations from her position. "Who knows where the Mutants will strike next?" she added.

WilyKit and WilyKat were standing by the door. Kit stated, "The lair's all secure at the moment."

"They're probably biding their time," conceded Kat.

"Snyearf! Something doesn't feel right about all this," Snarf said with dread.

"You're right, Snarf," concurred Cheetara. "It's weird that those three races would act without their leaders present."

"Those Monkians, Reptilians, and Jackalmen - are they the Mutants you were talking about?" Margaux asked.

"Yes, Margaux," replied the cheetah, her face stern. "Their leaders' names are Slithe, Monkian, and Jackalman. Only Slithe's name is official, as Monkian and Jackalman have no real names for themselves. I prey to our Thunderian ancestors that you don't meet up with those three."

"Especially Vultureman, their mechanic," Lion-O added.

"Vultureman?" asked Allen with a raised eyebrow.

"Who's he?" asked Cherie equally.

"Bottom line - Vultureman was a servant of the former Mutant leader, Ratar-O. Now he's a bit of a loose cannon," Panthro briefly explained.

"That sounding very badley," concurred Glomer.

Lion-O stood up and addressed his brethren. "ThunderCats, the Berbils, Warrior Maidens, and Unicorn Keepers are going to need our help. I know this feels like a trap to lure us out of the Cat's Lair, but we can't ignore someone in need. So we're to lend our friends a hand."

"What're your orders, Lion-O?" asked Tygra.

"You, Cheetara, the ThunderKittens, and Panthro are with me. We'll draw those Mutants away from their intended targets and fight on even ground." Then Lion-O turned his attention to Snarf and Team Punky. "Snarf, you keep an eye on things here. Continue the tour of the lair with Punky and her friends, and fix them something to eat while you're at it."

"You can count on me, Lion-O. Snarf snarf," agreed Snarf ever so eagerly.

"Will you guys come back safely?" Punky asked Lion-O. "You promised me and my friends we'd all get to know each other more."

Lion-O knelt down to Punky's level and held her hands close to his. "Don't worry, Punky," he replied to her softly. "As your friend and the Lord of the ThunderCats, I'll do everything in my power to help the locals out there and come back here." Brandon studied Lion-O's face, and it actually was genuine. It told the canine that maybe the ThunderCats were good people after all. He smiled proudly.

"Thanks," said Punky with a smile, her heart thawing further at the ThunderCats' generosity.

Lion-O stood back up and announced, "Let's go, ThunderCats!"

"Right!" the other six agreed. Lion-O turned off the screen and ran out the door with Panthro, Kat and Kit, Tygra, and Cheetara following closely behind. The door opened for them and closed after they left.

"Well then, kids, let's fix us a treat we can all enjoy before we can resume the tour of the lair," Snarf said to Team Punky.

"Sure thing," Punky, Cherie, Margaux, Allen, and Glomer said, Brandon barking happily.

"Uh, do you have bathrooms? We have to use them," Allen asked.

"Plus, we have to brush our teeth," added in Margaux. "Do you have toothpaste and toothbrushes?"

"Of course, my dear children," answered Snarf. "Follow me."

Outside the lair, its right paw opened up to reveal the mighty ThunderTank zooming forward with the drawbridge extending automatically. Cheetara and Lion-O were in the front of the tank, and Tygra, Panthro, and the ThunderKittens were in a standing position with the tank's hatch already open.

"What's the plan, you guys?" Kit asked.

"We split into three groups in order to draw the Mutants out into the open," replied Lion-O. "We'll lead them to a safe location so we can fight freely with them."

"It's six against an entire army, but we're more than willing to accept the challenge," consoled Panthro.

"It's tragic that the people of this world are now involved in our war with the Mutants," lamented Cheetara. "They never asked to participate in it."

"There's not a thing we can do about that, Cheetara," ensured Tygra.

"Which three teams have you decided on, Lion-O?" Kat asked eagerly.

"Panthro and myself will take the Berbil Village, you and WilyKit take the Unicorn Forest, and Cheetara and Tygra will take the Treetop Kingdom," confirmed Lion-O.

"Sounds good to me," Panthro, clenching his fists together in anticipation, agreed. "We can finish the job and return to Punky's team in next to no time."

If only it were that simple, Cheetara thought, her sixth sense on full alert. Like Lion-O said, this feels like a trap.

Punky, Allen, Margaux, Cherie, Brandon, and Glomer were in the dining room once more after getting done in the bathroom. They were advised by Snarf to wait until his "special kind of food" was done. Plastic plates were already set up for the kids along with napkins and forks. Glomer was sitting with the kids instead of floating usually, and Brandon sat on the floor. To avoid boredom, they all decided to talk about their saviors.

"What do you think of the ThunderCats so far?" asked Punky of her friends.

"They don't seem all that bad," Allen said. "They could've kicked us out or worse, but they didn't. They risked their lives for us. I just...I just can't see them being evil."

"They may be good and all, but I still feel weird talking to a bunch of alien cats. And they haven't even coughed up any hairballs," confessed Margaux, which elicited snickers from her friends.

"I admit that the ThunderCats are only looking out for our best interests," chimed in Cherie once the snickering died down. "Our conversation with them in this room convinced me that we're in good hands."

"I feeling exact same way," Glomer agreed. "Lion-O person and ThunderCats bear no ill will against us."

And now it was Punky's turn to talk. "Honestly, I thought the ThunderCats would do me in personally. It's true that we're still outsiders here on this Third Earth, but, something about Lion-O reminds me of myself." Her friends looked at her curiously.

"How's that, Punky?" Cherie asked.

"I have the strongest feeling that he and I may not be so different. His childhood was probably even rougher than mine." What Punky didn't know was that Lion-O's childhood was stolen from him when he arrived on Third Earth mysteriously 10 years older. "It's as if we both share something in common, despite being different species."

Brandon barked to everybody about the ThunderCats, especially Lion-O. He now bore a more positive expression on his face even after he distrusted the young lord and his team. He walked up to Punky, and the girl gracefully patted him on the head.

"You feel that way too, don't you, Brandon?" she asked happily, to which Brandon nodded a yes. Punky turned to the others and asked the one question that had been on all their minds. "I wonder how the ThunderCats are doing right now?"

"They said that they're used to danger, so we should trust them on that," Margaux replied nonchalantly.

"Shouldn't we be entitled to just a little worry?" Allen asked.

"I trust ThunderCats to survive encounter with Mutants," Glomer interjected. "Glomer have faith in them."

Punky looked to the floor in quiet contemplation. "I hope you're right, Glomer," she said. "I hope you're right."

The ThunderCats, Reptilians, Jackalmen, and Monkians were now in the Hunting Plains staring down each other. The ThunderCats had barely but successfully led the three Mutant groups to this place, for only here would they all fight on common ground, Lion-O reasoned. The Mutants seemed to accept his offer, and now here they all were. The area they were in didn't have the usual long grass that dominated most of the plains, but rather normal-looking grass.

The Hunting Plains were so named due to the fact that one enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. It would suit the Mutants well, for they'd always been on the hunt for Thunderians; the ThunderCats, however, would always fight for what was right, for their code forbade the slaughtering of another person, be they good or evil.

A short, dark-brown kangaroo with hooves, a Rumpa, hopped on carelessly from the background. It never even paid attention to the battle that was about to happen. Fortunately, it would never get that chance.

The Reptilian leader in yellow drew his scimitar and uttered to the ThunderCats sinisterly, "Draw," as his fellows drew their own scimitars, the Monkians pulled out their axes, and the Jackalmen readied their laser blasters.

The ThunderCats unveiled their own weapons. Lion-O put on the Claw Shield and unsheathed the Sword of Omens, which shifted to its full-length mode unbidden; Cheetara took out her baton and swung it reflexively, changing it into a staff, and held it in her hands; Tygra grabbed the three bolas on his handle and revealed his full whip; Panthro pulled his nunchuks out of nowhere and swung/twirled them about; WilyKit and WilyKat got out some pellets and held them tight in their fists like the warriors they were.

"All right, Mutants," declared Lion-O boldly, pointing his sword in the three groups' direction. "We're all here. Anytime you're ready."

"Hoo-hoo-hoo! The Monkians will take the ThunderKittens," said the Monkian leader with a high voice.

"We'll take the panther and cheetah," the drawl-voiced Jackalman leader with an exposed torso proclaimed. Most of the other Jackalmen had an exposed torso while the other half wore straps on theirs.

The Reptilian leader gave an astoundingly smile. "That just leaves my kind with Lion-O and Tygra." His kind simply nodded. The plan that the real Mutant leaders had in store for the ThunderCats inquired a fully-united front.

"Very well then," said Lion-O, gripping his sword in both hands.

"ATTAAAACK!" the Reptilian leader roared, motioning all the Mutants forward to eliminate the ThunderCats, who advanced toward the Mutants. And so, the battle began.

"Here you go, everybody!" Snarf exclaimed cheerily as he rolled in a carton of foods. At the top were ground nut stew in a large clear bowl and a large spoon to go with it, cut-up breadfruit on a large white plate with a fork and knife, applesauce in six smaller bowls, and candyfruit lemonade in six blue plastic cups. On the bottom were two medium-sized orange bowls of grass pea soup and candyfruit lemonade. Team Punky looked at the food and sniffed its scent. They continued looking on as if they were in a trance.

"That's one brilliant meal you've cooked up, Snarf," Allen said admirably.

"Why, thank you, Allen," responded Snarf. "I always make sure everyone keeps up their strength."

"That meal be very goodley," Glomer said, already looking famished.

"And how," breathed Margaux.

"I think you'd better hurry with the food," Cherie said to Snarf, giving him a wink and thumb up.

"I second that," added Punky as she nodded in agreement.

"Coming right up. Snarf snarf," Snarf said. He served everyone on the table the ground nut stew first, the breadfruit second, the applesauce third, and the candyfruit lemonade fourth. He served Brandon the bowled grass pea soup and candyfruit lemonade. Snarf himself placed the rest of the food and his own plastic cup on the floor, joining Brandon and everyone else in getting their grub on.

While everyone was eating, Team Punky was suddenly curious about Snarf's background. What was his purpose when Thundera existed? Did it still matter, even on Third Earth? Now was the perfect time to ask him.

"Snarf, did you have some kinda special duty when your old homeworld was still alive?" Punky asked.

"My kind, the Snarfs, had often been in the service of the nobles of Thundera," Snarf began. "We lived in the Valley of Snarfs, always eager to help out anyone in need. Despite serving Thunderian nobility, we did have our own lives to lead."

"That's cool," Cherie chirped, her eyes widening briefly. "Anything else we should know about you?"

"When Thundera was destroyed, 43 of us Snarfs found our way to an uninhabited planet we dubbed the Planet of Snarfs. It was where we began new lives outside Thunderian territory, but we would never forget where we came from."

"Does the Planet of Snarfs still exist?" asked Margaux.

"Of course it does," Snarf answered. "It's where my nephew Snarfer lives. He arrived on Third Earth through imprisonment by Ratar-O. The ThunderCats and I were able to rescue Snarfer from the former Mutant leader. Lion-O did battle with him and secretly placed a locator disc on him; that disc was designed by Panthro specifically for some allies from space. When Ratar-O was defeated, he left vowing revenge on Lion-O. But that would never happen, because Mandora the Evil Chaser, an officer of the Interplanetary Control Force, arrived and arrested that no-good rat."

"That probably being some battle, huh?" Glomer said, heavily interested in Snarf's story.

"Definitely." Snarf's face took on a somber tone for what he was going to say next. "Even before Snarfer came to this world, I was already doubting my role on the ThunderCat team. I didn't think there was more I could do for Lion-O." Then his expression turned cheerful. "But both Snarfer and Lion-O managed to snap me outta my funk. Now I'll continue to serve the ThunderCats till the end o' my days."

Brandon came up to Snarf and licked the latter creature's face as a sign of respect. Snarf felt rather embarrassed. "W-w-what was that for, Brandon?" he asked.

"It means he understands homesickness well," Punky replied. "Everyone has the right to feel homesick sometimes. I used to worry a lot about my parents' whereabouts, but I had a chance to start over again thanks to Henry." She placed her hands on her heart and closed her eyes, feeling very happy inside. "He's the closest thing I have to a father."

"Well, thank goodness you have both friends and family looking after you," Snarf said to the girl.

"Hear, hear!" exclaimed Punky's friends. Brandon barked affirmatively.

The ThunderCat-Mutant fight was pretty fierce. The ThunderCats were split into three teams: WilyKit and WilyKat versus the Monkians, Cheetara and Panthro versus the Jackalmen, and Lion-O and Tygra versus the Reptilians. All three sides really cut loose on each other with no restrictions. It would be the Third Earth battle of the century with no bystanders, something that would go down in history.

Cheetara, despite her doubts, was as determined as her brethren to end the battle quickly. She and Panthro spun their weapons, using them as shields against the Jackalmen's laser beams. The beams bounced across the Hunting Plains, exploding some of their long grass. The Jackalmen reloaded their blasters and aimed them pointblank at the two ThunderCats before them, definitely eager to obliterate them. Panthro and Cheetara were prepared, holding their trademark weapons with pride and dignity.

Cheetara pointed her staff on the ground, and at her mental command, it extended slightly, allowing her to polevault over the Jackalmen before becoming a regular staff again, stupefying them somewhat. Now she was facing the opposite direction, giving herself and Panthro a real chance to battle the jackal Mutants face to face. Some of them turned to face Cheetara while the others were still facing Panthro. Cheetara swung her staff up in the air briefly and brought it point blank to the Jackalmen on her side. They responded by putting their blasters away and unleashing their maces on her, but thanks to her natural speed, a talent belonging to the Thunderian cheetah clan, she avoided getting clubbed.

Panthro smiled that very smile that earned him the nickname "the deadly" back on Thundera. He would certainly enjoy battling the Jackalmen on his side. They shot their blasters, but Panthro easily brushed the lasers aside by deflecting them with his nunchuks, just swinging and twirling away. He pointed the blue half of his weapons at the Jackalmen and shot a fuschia stun laser at them, knocking them off balance. Then he shot forth a white mist compound from the red half. The jackal Mutants could not see a thing since they were still regaining their bearings, yet they wouldn't have that chance as Panthro put his nunchuks away, dogpiled two Jackalmen, and bashed them in the nuzzles with his fists, knocking them out cold, and he used their bodies as leverage to twirl-kick the other Jackalmen.

The ThunderKittens were enjoying doing battle with the Monkians, for they already did some damage to the simian bunch with their pellets; the Monkians were sporting scrapes over their foreheads, legs, and torsos, but they were unphased. They savagely swung their axes at the twins, who effortlessly dodged the assaults, only for two stray axes to cut just a small fraction of their manes. They jumped up and delivered a double kick to two of the Monkians with no problem. Two more Monkians retaliated by punching Kat and Kit in the stomachs, forcing the twins to drop to their knees and clutch their stomachs in pain. They managed to roll out of the way of the Monkians' own kicks, and they needed time to recover first before striking back.

Tygra and Lion-O were busy fending off the Reptilians. Tygra swung his whip and cracked it on the ground like he meant business, as if daring the Mutant lizards to attack. Lion-O held the Sword of Omens in front of him like a true swordsman. The Reptilians advanced towards their targets with their scimitars raised. Lion-O responded by clashing his own blade with theirs. Though he was less skilled than the other ThunderCats, he would never give up. None of them would.

Tygra swung his whip and wrapped it around the hands of one Reptilian and tugged at him, tripping him over and making him drop his sword. Six more of the evil lizards slashed their swords at the tiger architect. With some clever acrobatics (flipping, twirling, and leaping), Tygra dodged the slashing. A Reptilian hand struck Tygra from behind, causing him to fall on the ground. He turned around to look in horror at a Reptilian with a blaster trained right at him. The lizard fired, but at the last minute his target turned invisible on the spot, leaving only charred ground. He searched everywhere for Tygra only to get a swift kick in the back, clumsily drop his laser, and fall to the ground. He managed to sit up and see a smirking Tygra reappearing in front of him, having paid him back. The Reptilian could only grunt in anger.

Lion-O and the Reptilians he was up against continued their blade clash. The lizard minions meant business, but still Lion-O wouldn't give up. He twirled the Sword of Omens around with both hands and resumed his fight then. It seemed like a lifetime ago that he was next in line to be the Lord of the ThunderCats like his father before him. As he did battle with the Reptilians, he found himself thinking about the sudden arrival of Punky and her friends. It made no sense that they were on Third Earth, especially to the ThunderCats. To think it all started with that all-too-brief magical storm. Out of everyone in Team Punky, Lion-O felt the closest to their leader; something about her reminded him of himself when he was a child long before the mantle of ThunderCat Lord fell onto him. He actually meant what he said to her before he and his friends took off to fight the Mutants, and he was sure going to keep that promise. His determination prominent, he backflipped barrel-roll style over the Reptilians, motioning them to keep going.

Snarf guided Punky and her crew (Glomer chose to walk instead of float to conserve his magic) back to the Cat's Lair's hangar, for although he was small, basically he was an adult like Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, and Cheetara were. The side of the hangar they were in wasn't the ThunderTank one, but one that housed a different kind of ThunderCat vehicle. Punky's unit gazed at it - a white-and-red aerial type that had cat-like features like the land-based ThunderTank, but was different enough to stand on its own. The ship's wings were folded, it had a cat-shaped face with fangs, and it was resting on its paw-shaped legs. On top of the white half were three laser cannons. It wasn't nearly as frightening to them as the ThunderTank.

"This, my friends, is the Feliner," announced Snarf. "The ThunderCats built this thing a while ago, but they needed a hyperspace mega-condenser to finish the job. It's capable of both space and global travel. It was first used to take Snarfer back to the Planet of Snarfs following the Ratar-O incident."

"Do you think we could ever ride it?" asked Margaux, gesturing to herself and her allies.

"I'll have to check with the ThunderCats first whenever they get back from fending off the Mutants," Snarf replied. "You just may get a kick outta flying the Feliner. WilyKat came up with the ship's name when he and Tygra designed its blueprint."

"You know what, Snarf? Maybe we would enjoy it," beamed Punky. She, Allen, Margaux, Cherie, and Brandon were suddenly reminded of Punky's school presentation about being an astronaut. It'd been Punky's dream to explore the universe until the tragic explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger struck her hard. In spite of that tragedy, Punky refused to surrender. She still held on to the hope that she would travel the stars, and she would work hard to achieve that dream. She even told Glomer about it, and he'd shown nothing but praise for her, which lifted her spirits even more.

Snarf just stood there admiring these six strangers from First Earth. He and the ThunderCats were unsure about them, yet after their conversations, he silently admitted that Team Punky was growing on him. Tears of joy came out of his eyes, and he sniffed his nose at the sight he was seeing. He hoped that Punky and her friends would make an impact on the rest of Third Earth. Team Punky took notice of how he was gazing at them.

"Are you okay, Snarf?" asked Cherie.

"I'm fine, Cherie," he replied, his voice emotional. "Just seeing all of you takes me back to the simpler times on Thundera, when Lion-O was only a cub."

"You've probably done an excellent job at raising him," Allen said. "He seems to look incredibly healthy."

"Certainly, my boy," beamed Snarf. "I was personally selected by Lion-O's parents, the late Claudus and Liana, to look after him. No matter how hard things got, I never left Lion-O's side. He's like a son to me, even though I'll never replace his parents."

His speech got "aw"s from Punky, Cherie, Glomer, Allen, and Margaux and a whimper of empathy from Brandon. To hear that Snarf had always been there for Lion-O before Thundera's untimely demise indicated that he wasn't just Lion-O's guardian, but his friend.

Glomer asked Snarf, "So what we be doing now?"

"Lion-O instructed me to guide you all through the rest of the Cat's Lair, so that's what I'm gonna do. Snarf snarf."

"Lead the way," Punky advised, giving Snarf a thumb up.

"You got it, Punky," said Snarf, returning the gesture. Out he and Team Punky went to explore more of the lair. So far today was turning out to be interesting.

WilyKit and WilyKat had finally recovered from their gut punches after struggling to avoid the Monkians' axe slashes. It was crucial to them that they stay alive to keep fighting the good fight.

"You alright, Kat?" Kit asked her brother.

"I'm fine, Kit," he responded. "I think you know what we're about to do."

"I know. It's now or never." The ThunderKittens stood up to face the Monkians, who were advancing towards the twins with murderous expressions.

"It's that time," stated Kat. Both he and Kit put on fierce faces at unleashing their special move on the Monkians.

The twins of mischief remembered their training with Lion-O and acted on it. Kat kicked one Monkian in the shins, Kit poked another in the eyes, and both siblings karate-chopped one more in the neck, forcing all three to drop their weapons and rendering the one they attacked together into a coma. And then came the attack - Kit and Kat somersaulted into the air, clasped their fists together, and brought them down upon the helmeted heads of yet two more Monkians while letting out a cheerful yell, too. Like what they did with Lion-O in the training room at Cat's Lair, their two Monkian victims' bodies vibrated all over, shocking the rest of the simian clan.

The ThunderKittens' new technique drew the attention of everybody else on the other two sides. Except for Lion-O, whose eyes had a sense of admiration, they were all stunned by this display of violence. It was truly a sight to see, for although those two Monkians finally stopped vibrating, they touched their heads so that their brains could stop vibrating as well.

Tygra was the first to speak up, facing Lion-O in a mix of anger and dismay. "Did you teach those cubs that trick?" he sternly asked, pointing a finger at the younger ThunderCat.

Lion-O replied, "Nope. They learned that move all by themselves. I witnessed it firsthand in the training room. I have to admit, they've outdone themselves."

Panthro, as a warrior, snapped out of his shock long enough to laugh jovially at the ThunderKittens' new attack. "Now there's something you don't see every day," he said through barely-restrained giggles.

Cheetara asked the twins, "What do you call that attack?"

Kat and Kit looked at each other before facing their fellow ThunderCats. "The ThunderSmack," they said together.

Kit continued, "Me and WilyKat felt we needed a change of pace from our usual routine. So what you saw from us was totally original."

"I hope that your ThunderSmack isn't lethal," cautioned Tygra. "We do have a code to uphold."

"We never designed the ThunderSmack to be that way," Kat explained. "Sure, it can rattle people, but it doesn't outright vanquish them."

"Hey, furballsss!" a Reptilian in grey rags called out to the ThunderCats as he raised his scimitar in frustration. "We all got a ssscore to settle if you're done jawing around!"

"Oops! How could we forget?" Panthro interjected with humor, rubbing his bald head. "Shall we, ThunderCats?"

"Indeed, old chum," Tygra responded with spirit. The ThunderCats and Mutants got back into their stances. And so, the battle resumed.

While the battle continued outside, inside things were still progressing smoothly. Snarf had now brought Punky's unit to the council chamber where the round table and its six rotatable chairs were.

"This place is where we hold all council meetings on urgent matters," discussed Snarf. "Tygra always calls a meeting here despite Lion-O leading the ThunderCats."

"That's an amazing round table there," Cherie said. "It reminds me of the legend of King Arthur."

"Me, too, Cherie," agreed Punky.

"Could I be a knight in shining armor while you reminisce?" joked Allen, which illicited giggles from Punky, Brandon, Cherie, and Glomer.

Something about Cherie's mention of the words "King Arthur" sparked a memory in Snarf's mind about someone called by that name during the mysterious knight's stay at Cat's Lair. He showed no restraint in challenging Lion-O to a battle to the death, which Lion-O gullibly accepted. When the knight emerged the victor, he revealed himself to be Mumm-Ra in disguise, having stolen Arthur's sword Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake to be used against the Sword of Omens. But the wizard Merlin intervened, magically discarded Mumm-Ra's disguise, and sent the demon priest packing. Feeling guilty for accepting Mumm-Ra's challenge, Lion-O asked Merlin to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake. It was an adventure Snarf himself would remember for eternity.

He found himself agreeing with Cherie's statement as he said, "I believe you, Cherie. I honestly do."

Margaux boldly remarked as she sat in one of the chairs and rotated it to face her crowd, "I think this table would look astonishing for someone of royal status." She flicked her hair to emphasize her point. It was one of these times where she enjoyed flaunting her status in front of other people.

"Margaux, that table is for everybody to sit at, regardless of their statuses," Snarf interated. "Sometimes it's even used for celebrations." He, Cherie, Punky, Allen, and Glomer sat down at the table as Margaux shifted her chair back to its original position. To Snarf's left side were Cherie, Punky, and Margaux, and to his left were Allen and Glomer. Punky turned her chair around to face Brandon.

"Here, boy," she said sweetly, tapping twice on her lap. Brandon happily obliged and jumped on Punky's lap, and Punky turned to face everybody else while petting Brandon's head, which he found soothing as he sighed. "All present and accounted for, Snarf," she announced.

"I see the ThunderCat emblem on here," said Cherie as she took notice of said emblem implanted on the table. "That must say a lot."

"Yes, it does," Snarf agreed.

"Me think us needing to be resting a bit before touring again," informed the four-year-old Glomley.

"Okey-dokey, Glomer," agreed Allen.

"Will we be getting a tour of Third Earth as well whenever the ThunderCats return?" asked Cherie.

"Yeah. The six of us haven't been in this dimension long," chimed in Margaux.

"As a matter of fact, the ThunderCats and I have been thinking about this a lot since you guys came here," Snarf explained. "We originally considered keeping you safe from the dangers that Third Earth has."

This got a response of gasps from Punky and her team. The ThunderCats were going to shelter them for their own safety? Did the ThunderCats not see that the newcomers were trustworthy enough, especially to venture out on their own? Would Team Punky not get the freedom they need?

Punky put on a determined face and gave Snarf a piece of her mind. "You listen here, Snarf. My friends and I have been through plenty together. Through good times and bad, we stuck together. We'll keep on sticking together even though we won't always agree on everything. I never run from danger, because I've got PUNKY POWER!" She raised her right fist in the air when she shouted her favorite phrase of action.

She reminds me of a certain ThunderCat I know, thought Snarf as he widened his eyes at Punky's words. As foolish as he can be sometimes, Lion-O never runs from danger. He smirked, raised an eye, and pointed casually at Punky. "Snyearf. You've really got guts," he said aloud.

"Thanks," responded Punky as she resumed petting Brandon. "And we're starting to like your Cat's Lair so far. "We've seen the guest rooms, the control room, the hangar, the dining room, the bathrooms, and this room even. Please tell me there's more of this place."

"Why, certainly, young one. All of you are going to see the entirety of Cat's Lair in no time."

"You're actually not bad, Snarf...for a little guy," Margaux cracked.

This irked Snarf. "Little? I, dear Margaux, am the eldest next to Panthro, and formerly Jaga."

"Who's Jaga? Is he a ThunderCat, too?" asked an excited Allen.

"He was a ThunderCat, Allen." What Snarf was going to say about the now-dead ThunderCat elder would bring up strong memories, but he had to be brave, for the sake of himself and Punky and her unit.

"Snarf friend, did something be happening to Jaga person?" asked Glomer in genuine conern.

After a moment of hesitation, Snarf began the tale of Jaga. "Jaga was a well-respected ThunderCat in the old days of Thundera. Thunderians and Snarfs everywhere looked up to him. He was the right-hand man of Claudus. The mistakes he'd made only served to strengthen him, and he was dubbed 'Jaga the Wise' as a result."

"That sounds epic," said Punky. "Is there more?"

Snarf was about to reveal more of Jaga's story when the whole lair was struck by an earthquake, knocking everyone out of their seats. Snarf got up and looked out the window. He could make out two Skycutters piloted by Monkian and Jackalman, Slithe in the Nosediver, and Vultureman in his vulture-style flying machine. He started quivering at the sight of the four Mutants; they would choose now to attack the lair. Punky's unit got up and noticed Snarf's position near the window.

"What's going on, Snarf?" Cherie asked despairingly.

"I-i-it's the Mutants," informed Snarf, turning to face Punky's crew now.

"Aren't the ThunderCats still fighting them?" Punky wondered.

"No, no, no. The four main Mutants are outside bombarding the lair - Slithe, Monkian, Jackalman, and Vultureman."

"Uh-oh," interjected Glomer. "That sounding very badley. What we gonna do?"

Snarf couldn't afford to break down, not in front of these six young souls. Reaching deep down inside of him, he tempered his quivering and pulled himself together. He put on a face of pure bravery, and he clasped his fists together.

"Come with me to the control room, guys," he said sternly. "Lion-O and the others need more time. No way am I letting Slithe and his bunch have their way today."

"Snarf?" questioned Margaux.

"Lion-O entrusted me to look after all of you. I'm not about to let him down. ThunderCats never give up."

He walked out the door with Team Punky immediately following close behind him. If he was to go down, it would be as a warrior, his experiences fueling his resolve.

Punky Brewster/ThunderCats: Punks of Thunder
Chapter Notes: Here's chapter four finally. It's been grueling, but I've completed it just in the nick of time. Nemesis, the force of darkness, was seen in only two episodes of the first season of ThunderCats ("The Doomgaze" and "Queen of 8 Legs"). Mumm-Ra's human self, Pharoah Ka-Rey-Bar, is from a story in the 1989 Marvel UK ThunderCats Annual titled "Past Perils." Rumpas are kangaroo-deer hybrids on Third Earth, and the one I included in the ThunderCat-Mutant fight is a nod to "Graveyard of Memories," the Panthro-based 10th issue of Marvel's US ThunderCats comic series.

The Valley of Snarfs appeared in the second season of 
ThunderCats ("ThunderCubs" Parts 1-5 and "Locket of Lies"). Ratar-O's fate after season one's two-part episode "Feliner" is something I've altered to suit the plot of this story. Also in that same episode, the Planet of Snarfs and Snarfer, Snarf's nephew, were introduced. WilyKat coming up with the Feliner's name comes from this fic by spacedangel:…. Other ThunderCats fics by spacedangel can be viewed at the very same link.

Lion-O wore a locator disc in the "All That Glitters" episode from ThunderCats season one, Punky's school presentation of being an astronaut is lifted from the second-season finale of Punky Brewster titled "Accidents Happen," and Lion-O battling a Mumm-Ra-disguised King Arthur comes from the first-season ThunderCats episode "Excalibur."

PUNKS OF THUNDER: © 2014 Philip Gipson.

PUNKY BREWSTER: TM & © NBCUniversal, Inc.
THUNDERCATS: TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and Ted Wolf.


As the battle between ThunderCat and Mutant alike continued on in the Hunting Plains, the Sword of Omens' danger sense went off once again, courtesy of the Eye of Thundera, alerting Lion-O and the other ThunderCats. Lion-O stopped what he was doing, sidestepped his half of the Reptilian force, and raised his Claw Shield arm in front of them. The shield's penants ignited smoke, trapping the lizards in a cloudy haze and putting them in a coughing fit. This gave Lion-O time to look into the Eye of Thundera.

"Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight," he commanded. His eyes glowed golden, and then the sword showed him a vision of Cat's Lair under siege by the four main Mutants in their vehicles. Next, the sword showed Snarf and Team Punky inside the lair's control room looking at the carnage outside on the main screen; Snarf sat in the main chair and had on his game face, while Punky and her friends waited fearfully and anxiously for this assault to be over and done with (Margaux, Cherie, and Allen sat at the inactive-at-the-moment sub-control panels and Glomer floated once more).

"Slithe, Vultureman, Jackalman, and Monkian are bombarding the lair, as usual," Lion-O said. "Snarf seems to have everything under control from there, but Punky and her crew look pretty nervous." Soon the sword's vision faded, Lion-O's eyes returned to normal, and the ThunderCat Lord gripped the sword, expecting his lizard opponents to recover from the smoke.

"Knowing old Snarf," added Tygra, who once again cracked his whip - the bolas emitting static electricity - and hurled it at his own half of the Reptilians, giving them the shock of their lives, "he'll never let anything happen to Punky's crew."

"That's right," Cheetara concurred as she and Panthro, who once again had out his nunchuks, held their own against the Jackalmen, the Mutant canines holding their maces and blasters menacingly. "Snarf's come through for us many times despite his reluctance."

Panthro remarked admirably of Lion-O's former caretaker, "He's certainly earned *my* respect. He did risk a lot to get us out of Mumm-Ra's pyramid."

WilyKit and WilyKat somersaulted the Monkians' furious axe-slashing. Kit said excitedly, "Snarf's just as much a believer of the Code of Thundera as the rest of us! Always has been!"

"Guarding Punky and friends is certainly no different for him," added Kat, his face an expression of glee. "He makes one heck of a babysitter. We all owe him."

"He'll make getting back to Punky and the others a lot easier for us," declared Tygra, holding his whip firmly in his hands as the Reptilians he shocked were about to recover.

"Right, Tygra," Lion-O agreed as the smoke disappeared from his half of the Reptilian army and they stopped coughing. He held the Sword of Omens like a baseball bat, the mystical blade again giving off a supernatural flash. "Let's all give Snarf our encouragement by fighting the good fight."

"Aye!" cheered his fellow ThunderCats. Their admiration of Snarf was all they needed to keep fighting.

Things at the Cat's Lair were just as intense as the battle in the Hunting Plains. Slithe and his crew relished in getting rid of the ThunderCats' home, the very reminder of Thundera's past. They were strafing it with laser fire from their vehicles. The lair's head rotated around the vehicles, blasting crimson lasers from its eyes but narrowly missing. It was dented in the shoulders and metal paws, but that was merely scratching the surface. These Mutants wanted to smash the lair to smithereens, and they would do in the miserable furball known as Snarf personally. Nothing would stand in their way.

"Nyah-ha-ha-ha! Our ploy worked, Slithe!" Jackalman exclaimed proudly in his Skycutter. "We've lured all six ThunderCats out into the open! They'll be defeated surely this time!"

"And while our racccesss contend with them, that wretched Sssnarf isss at our mercccy. Yesss?" Slithe replied in the Nosediver, his voice ringing metallically.

"His fur would do quite nicely for our collection of keepsakes. Hoo-hoo!" said Monkian viciously in his own Skycutter.

"Awwwk! We'll have this planet and its people in our grasp once we're done," proclaimed Vultureman in his flying machine, laughing in his usual bird-like manner.

Yes, today would be the day victory would belong to the Mutants.

Never before had Snarf felt an immense sense of pride like this as he operated the lair's eyebeams. It was as if having Punky and friends in the ThunderCats' lives had given him a new purpose, gave him something else to do other than constantly looking After Lion-O. It seemed young lord was right in that their new guests needed to be looked after while he and the other ThunderCats were away, and Snarf was going to make pretty darned sure that nothing would happen to Punky's crew.

And speaking of Punky's crew, they all felt tense while they and Snarf looked at the carnage on the main screen. Laser blasts sprayed everywhere between the Mutants' vehicles and the lair's eyes. The members of Team Punky were hoping that this would all be over soon.

"Those Mutants really aren't messing around, are they?" asked Allen.

"No, they're not," Snarf replied, not taking his eyes off his targets. "They never do when it comes to ThunderCats."

"I think I'm beginning to understand why the ThunderCats and the Mutants are always at odds with each other," noted Cherie sadly.

"Such is our way of life, my dear Cherie." Snarf managed to hit Jackalman and Monkian's Skycutters, but barely, as the two Mutants were undeterred. "It's because the ThunderCats are always fighting the forces of darkness that we always come out on top. We have faith in the power of good."

Hearing Snarf say those last words gave Punky and friends a lot to think about. The six of them had been through so much, especially Punky and Brandon. They were in another dimension where anything could happen. They wouldn't have been able to trust anybody even if they already had recovered from the shock of Glomer's magical accident. But the ThunderCats were different - they showed no ill will whatsoever towards Team Punky, and for that, the kids, Glomer, and Brandon were grateful. They looked at each other and nodded in determination, then turned to Snarf.

"We believe in you, Snarf," assured Punky. "You won't let us down."

"That right!" Glomer concurred excitedly.

"Those Mutants picked the wrong day to mess with you," proclaimed Cherie.

"Hit 'em hard," Allen said, raising his left fist in the air.

"Kick those Mutants to the curb!" exclaimed Margaux, punching air with her own two fists.

Brandon barked proudly, acknowledging Snarf.

From behind, Snarf smiled at the others' confidence in him. That made his job to guard them much easier. Regaining himself, he said to Team Punky, "Hold on, boys and girls. Things are about to heat up big time." He pressed a button on the left side of the control board to activate something.

The front doors of Cat's Lair's forearms opened up to reveal two ThunderCat emblem-encoded shields with lasers on their right sides. They were used once by Cheetara and Tygra to fight the Mutants before Lion-O made his return from the astral plane after he rescued Jaga from the evil Nemex there, and now they were being used automatically. They locked on to the Mutants with their target systems - the first laser trained on Vultureman, Jackalman, and Monkian in the air, while the second laser pointed downward to Slithe on the ground.

"Thossse things again?" the Reptilian snarled.

As soon as all four targets were in place, the lasers started firing bronze-colored particle beams. Jackalman and Monkian avoided the first laser's beams effortlessly due to the sheer maneuverability of the Skycutters, but Vultureman wasn't so lucky, for one stray beam hit his flying machine on the left wing, leaving a medium-sized dent. This infuriated the vulture to no end, and he had to fly away from the lair just enough to face the fortress once more. Then, he put the flying machine on auto-pilot...snd smiled evilly.

"What does Vultureman think he's doing? Hoo-hoo!" snapped Monkian angrily as he and Jackalman stared at Vultureman. "Is he leaving the rest of us to do everything?"

"He told us he's about to unleash his 'secret weapon'," Jackalman replied.

"Secret weapon?" asked the simian dumbfoundedly, but he caught on quickly. "Oh! That Flasher Blaster of his. Hoo-hoo-hoo!"

"Lessss talking, more attacking!" shouted Slithe furiously. He went around in circles in the Nosediver trying to avoid the blasts from the second laser, and finally he switched his engines in reverse and stopped right in the middle. He fired a beam from Nosediver's tip at another stray bronze beam which resulted in a light show that had him, Jackalman, and Monkian cover their eyes from it.

Vultureman, of course, was watching the whole thing. He stood up and got out his Flasher Blaster weapon from earlier. Once he put it on, he picked up a microphone he personally invented for the flying machine and called out, "Stand back, Mutants!" It was loud enough for the others to hear, and they did as he ordered. And then, he put the microphone away and did his stuff.

Snarf ceased fire on the laser shields. He and Team Punky were surprised that Slithe, Monkian, and Jackalman pulled out suddenly, leaving only Vultureman wearing a strange new weapon.

"What's happening?" asked Margaux.

"Someone hit the enlarger for me." Snarf pointed at the button on the control panel that said "ENLARGER" at the bottom. Panthro had effectively worked on improving the enlarger from the double-red/double-blue switch format, and he had succeeded. "Just press on it a few times to get a better view."

"I'll do it," Cherie said, volunteering. She pressed the enlarger button twice, and the image of Vultureman zoomed up. Apparently he pressed the strap button to activate his new weapon and turned the dial so that the cannons on top could face two certain targets. The light from the cannons glowed and pulsed a bluish color. Cherie and Snarf's eyes widened in horror.

"So that must be Vultureman," Allen stated obviously. "What's that he's got strapped to his torso?"

"I think we're about to find out," Punky replied warily. Glomer hid behind Punky's back in fear, and Brandon growled menacingly at Vultureman on the screen.

As soon as the cannons on Vultureman's device turned to face two intended targets, Snarf yelled, "He's aiming for the laser shields! Snyeaaaaarrrrrf!"

The cannons fired, and the lair shook violently at the impact, causing everyone in the control room to fall down on the floor. After the impact died down, Snarf and Team Punky felt dizzy. They sat up with groans and shook the dizziness off, though physically they were a little sore.

"Is everybody alright?" Snarf asked.

"Sure," the kids replied with a nod, Brandon responding with a "ruff." It was then that all five of them discovered that someone else in their group was missing and looked around the room for him.

Cuffing her hands to her mouth, Punky called out, "Glomer? Glomer, where are you?"

Allen pointed at a tannish circle on Punky's back and declared, "Found him." Snarf and the others were rightfully confused until Allen peeled off the circle. When he straightened it out in a whip-like motion, it revealed itself to be Glomer, whose eyes rolled around like bowling balls. He closed them and shook off his dizziness, and his eyes were normal again. Allen put him down and let him go.

"Glomer present and accounted for," the Glomley declared, giving everybody in the room a thumbs up, to which they smiled.

"I hope you've got another trump card, Snarf," a worried Margaux said, "because I'm not sure how much more of this we can stand."

"There's one gimmick Panthro created that I can use," replied Snarf as he got back up and sat in his chair, "though it's never been tested." On the screen, the Mutants already resumed blasting Cat's Lair to bits.

"I guess we won't know unless we try," stated Cherie as she and everybody else got back up and Allen, Cherie, and Margaux sat at the sub-control panels once again. Glomer floated upwards to see what would happen next.

"Here we go. Snarf snarf," Snarf said determinedly as he pressed a red circular button in the middle of the control panel.

Though the ThunderCat symbol on its chest was not yet touched, Cat's Lair was now dented in the torso. The Mutants were coming awfully close to putting an end to the ThunderCat fortress for good; they held nothing back. It seemed so easy, separating the ThunderCats from their home and having them sentenced to death. Third Earth would certainly be theirs, and nobody, not even Mumm-Ra, would stop them.

Just then, the ThunderCat symbol turned once like a dial, and its black outlining separated into four pieces. The symbol opened up to reveal a grey-blue, four-barreled Gatling-shaped cannon whose length doubled in size; the barrels were slightly shaped like crayons. The Mutants immediately took notice of this, having never seen this new weapon before.

"W-w-what's that?" Jackalman asked, his cowardice slightly showing.

Slithe replied, "Thisss new trick of the ThunderCatsss' will cost them. Mutantsss, fire away!"

Just as the Mutants began to fire on the cannon, the cannon fired first, emitting white, pellet-shaped ion blasts that blazed like there was no tomorrow. The Mutants were right in the crossfire, trying but failing to avoid the blasts. The laser cannon on Monkian's Skycutter was damaged, and Monkian yelled in his trademark simian tone in fright; Jackalman's Skycutter was damaged on both wings, causing the canine to collide with Monkian's and the two Mutants to fall down to the ground screaming and landing with a thud, their Skycutters crashing near the forest that Cat's Lair was facing; the tip of Slithe's Nosediver and the energy module that powered the vehicle were destroyed, and Slithe plummeted near the lair, but not before getting out of the Nosediver with a well-executed backflip and landing on one knee as his beloved weapon crashed into the lair's left paw; Vultureman's flying machine was sporting small dents all over its vulture-like body, and the furious Vultureman was forced to land beside Slithe and the barely-conscious Jackalman and Monkian.

As soon as Slithe stood up on both legs, Jackalman and Monkian regained full consciousness and stood up alongside their commander, and Vultureman remained where he was. They all stared at the cannon that shot them down. It trained itself directly on them now that they were on the ground.

"Attention, Mutants!" came the familiar voice of Snarf through the speakers on the half-circled windows on the lair's forearms. The voice was pretty strict. "Return at once to Castle Plun-Darr, we'll forget this day ever happened. This is your only warning."

But Slithe wasn't impressed. "Do you think we'll be intimidated by the likesss of you?" he challenged, shaking his left fist in the air. "You and your preciousss ThunderCatsss are all done for! Yesss?"

"Very well, Slithe," Snarf said. "I'll force you off the premises."

The ion cannon resumed firing, forcing Slithe, Monkian, and Jackalman to back away near the flying machine. And then it stopped once again.

"Caw! Enough of this!" snapped Vultureman, pulling out his signature laser blaster from the back seat. He aimed it at the ion cannon and, with three shots, obliterated the ThunderCats' only trump card, leaving the top part to crash into the ground. "That's better," he added with a smirk. He took out three other weapons from the back seat - Monkian's shield, Slithe's axe, and Jackalman's club - and tossed them to the others, who caught them singlehandedly. Then he leaped downward and joined them in their desire to rule Third Earth.

"Monkian, you go blow the houssse in," ordered Slithe.

"You got it, Slithe. Hoo!" The simian Mutant stepped forward and aimed his shield at the doors. The gold, open-mouthed Monkian head launched a navy-blue flame projectile that exploded the doors instantly, allowing the Mutants a chance to invade the lair.

"Let'sss teach that Sssnarf a lesssson he'll never forget. Yesss?" Slithe proclaimed. He and the other Mutants ran into the lair, very intent on ending Snarf's life forever.

"Reowr. And that was such a terrific weapon Panthro built," Snarf lamented, facepalming.

"And now the Mutants are inside the lair, possibly on their way to this room," deduced Cherie.

"What're we gonna do now?" Allen asked everyone in wonder.

Punky looked to the door to the control room and then turned to her cohorts with a smile. "I've got an idea," she said.

"What is it, Punky?" inquired Margaux.

"Let's surprise those Mutants. The ThunderCats have come through for us when they rescued us from the desert. It's only right that we return the favor."

"Are you sure it be working, Punky friend?" Glomer asked.

"I'm certain, Glomer," replied Punky with a nod. "They won't know what's coming to them. Can you turn everybody except Snarf invisible?"

"You bet!" Glomer responded cheerily. He pointed out his paws and turned his friends invisible with his magic, then turned himself invisible.

Snarf stared wide-eyed in disbelief. The technique Glomer had just performed would easily rival Tygra's, except Tygra and the other ThunderCats were away. "Snarf snarf! That was incredible!" he breathed.

"I sure hope this works, Punky," Cherie's voice came out.

"Don't you worry," replied Punky's voice. "Leave it to the Punkster to take care of this. Everyone get into position."

Although they were invisible, Snarf could make out the kids' footsteps as everybody hid behind the sub-control panels. He sighed and sat on all fours like a Snarf usually did. "As Panthro would say, 'If we're gonna do it, let's do it!'," he said, doing a passable impression of the ThunderCat mechanic/warrior.

The door opened, and in came Slithe and his minions with their signature weapons. Their faces were of sheer determination as they moved in on Snarf.

"Nyah-ha-ha. Looks like it's just you and us, furball," Jackalman declared ruthlessly.

"Ah, give it up already, Mutants," taunted Snarf of the Mutants' constant failures to vanquish the ThunderCats, smirking while he was at it. "You're yesterday's news, useless trinkets of a bygone era."

That set the Mutants off, but no more than Monkian, who raised his shield upwards and then directly at Snarf. "Why, you little..."

Suddenly, an invisible force tripped Monkian over, and he dropped his shield. Slithe, Vultureman, and Jackalman looked on in surprise. Monkian turned his attention to Jackalman, who the simian thought was responsible.

"Hoo-hoo! Watch what you're doing, you measly mutt," he growled.

"Me?" questioned Jackalman. "I didn't do anything."

But Monkian didn't care. He got back up to face his teammate with a stern expression. "Oh, yes, you did. If you try that again-" he poked his left finger at Jackalman's chest three times to carry his point across, "-I'll grind you into dog chow."

No sooner than he said that did the same invisible force took control of Jackalman's club hand. The scavenger looked on and whimpered, fearful that he could strike Monkian. This display infuriated Slithe.

"Put. Down. The club," the Reptilian warned Jackalman. The canine "put down" his club, all right - he hit Monkian on the head with it. Monkian howled in pain as he clutched his head. He was fortunate that he was wearing his helmet.

Snarf was snickering the whole time the Mutants were being toyed with. He was enjoying every minute of it.

Vultureman, however, caught sight of the smaller creature's humor and pointed his blaster at him. "Think this is funny, do you?" he threatened. "I'll give you something to laugh about!" The light of the blaster glowed, but that same invisible force picked up Vultureman, and he panicked, squawking in fear. His blaster went off, shooting a part of the ceiling. He was turned backward and thrown into the wall nearest to the main door, and he fell to the ground out cold, still gripping his weapon.

Something bit Jackalman in the butt, and he yelled frantically, dropping his club. He ran around the control room still yelling as the bite showed no sign of releasing its hold on him. He wasn't watching where he was going, though, for he tripped over the still-unconscious Vultureman and landed flat on the floor. The invisible bite released its hold on him, and he sat up soothing his butt sadly.

Snarf rolled over the floor laughing at the silliness in front of him. No doubt Team Punky was enjoying humiliating Slithe and his sidekicks.

"WHAT IN PLUN-DARR ISSS GOING ON HERE?!" roared Slithe, throwing his arms up in frustration. But then he felt something trip him over. He fell butt-first on the ground. His anger was just about ready to burst, when his eyes widened in realization. There was only one ThunderCat who could be doing this to him and the other Mutants. He got back up and put on his best hunting face.

"All right, Tygra," he seethed quietly, swinging his axe in the air once before gripping it with both hands. "I don't know how you got back here, but I'll teach you a lesssson you'll never forget. I'll finish you firssst before Sssnarf. Monkian, Jackalman, get your weaponsss and obliterate that wretched Tygra! He'sss the one who'sss causssing all thisss! Yesss?" he snapped to the simian and jackal, who did as he ordered after Monkian's head stopped hurting and Jackalman's butt hurt less. Then they gathered around Slithe, and the trio prepared to take down "Tygra."

Just then, magic sparkles enveloped them, and they rapidly spun round and round, screaming wildly. They split up into a circle and then collided into each other, falling on the floor. Slithe's axe and Jackalman's club were split in two, while Monkian's shield lay on the far side of the wall.

The door to the control room opened to reveal Lion-O and the other ThunderCats, the adults having returned their weapons to their rightful places. All they could see was a laughing Snarf and Slithe, Jackalman, Monkian, and Vultureman laying on the ground unconscious.

"What in the name of Jaga just happened here?" breathed Lion-O.

"How did...what the...when did..." was all Panthro could spill.

"I don't believe it!" Tygra exclaimed.

"Holy Thundera!" shouted the ThunderKittens.

"Snarf...did you take down all four Mutants at once?" Cheetara asked disbelievingly. "And, where are Punky and her friends?"

Snarf finally stopped laughing and got back up to face his friends. "It was actually Punky and her friends who bested the Mutants."

"Well, where are they?" Panthro asked urgently.

The ThunderCats' conversation was interrupted when Vultureman came two, moaning and clutching his head with his left hand. They felt another battle was inevitable. The Mutant genius turned to them in disdain.

"You win this time, ThunderCats," he declared, "but next time, none of you will be so lucky." He turned the dial on the bottom of his blaster's handle, and at once, he aimed the weapon at his fellow Mutants. The ThunderCats tensed, figuring he'd truly gone insane to think he could vaporize his own kind. Before they could stop him, he pulled the trigger, and a multidimensional laser beam enveloped the unconscious Mutants and their weapons, effectively transporting them back to Castle Plun-Darr. Vultureman pressed his belt buckle, which glowed white and began to envelop him. He gave the ThunderCats one last look and laughed like a madman before disappearing.

The confused ThunderCats looked at each other. "Well, that was new," said WilyKat.

Panthro turned to Snarf. "Okay, Snarf. I'll ask you one more time - where are Punky and her allies?"

"Here we are!" called a voice that belonged to Punky. Everyone except Snarf was startled by it, and looked frantically for the source.

"Punky? Is that you?" asked Lion-O. "Where are you guys?"

"Right here," came Margaux's voice.

"Here where?" wondered WilyKit.

"You're getting warmer, guys," chided Allen's voice jokingly.

"We still don't see you," Tygra said.

"Just look in front of you," encouraged Cherie's voice.

The six ThunderCats did just that, and yet they saw absolutely nothing other than the voices they were hearing. That was when they heard finger-snapping. In an instant, all six members of Team Punky were visible again, with Glomer floating above his friends. Lion-O and his crew were rendered speechless.

"Hello, ThunderCats," said Glomer humbly as he waved at Lion-O and the others.

"Moons of Thundera!" exclaimed Cheetara.

"If you can take us to your council room, we'll explain everything," offered Punky.

"Very well," Lion-O replied with a nod. "Let's go."

Everyone was in the council chamber a minute after. Snarf, Glomer, and Brandon sat at the window, while Tygra, Lion-O, Panthro, and Cheetara stood by the seated WilyKit, WilyKat, Punky, Margaux, Allen, and Cherie.

"We took care of Slithe and his bunch while you all were away fighting off those other Mutants," began Cherie. "Punky and Margaux had Vultureman while Allen and I used Jackalman to clobber Monkian. Brandon bit Jackalman in the rear, and then Glomer used his magic on Jackalman, Monkian, and Slithe to give them a little 'spin.' It was all before you guys showed up."

"And, uh, you can all thank me for tripping that wretched green lizard," Margaux added in as her usual self.

"The funniest part is that the Mutants thought we were Tygra," continued Allen for Margaux, pointing to Tygra.

"They thought I was attacking them?" questioned Tygra with a raised eyebrow.

Punky replied, "They sure did. They had absolutely no idea it was us the whole time. I doubt they'll forget this day anytime soon."

"The Mutants would've torn you to pieces if they ever found you out," stated WilyKat. "It's hard to believe that you six managed to defeat them."

"Well, it's true. Cherie, Allen, Margaux, Glomer, Brandon, and I took them out the minute they entered the control room."

"All that matters is that you and your friends are safe," WilyKit said relievingly. "No harm done, right?"

"Right," Punky, Margaux, Allen, and Cherie agreed.

"And Snarf, you deserve special mention for driving off Slithe and his sidekicks and guarding Punky's crew well," noted Cheetara.

Snarf beamed, "Naturally. I was just doing my duty as a ThunderCat, after all."

All ThunderCats present turned their attention to Glomer now. It was Panthro who asked, "You turned yourself and your friends invisible, didn't you?"

"Of course, Panthro friend," the Glomley replied nonchalantly. "Mutants never been knowing what hit them."

"I admit that I feel slightly jealous," Tygra chimed in. "My power of invisibility comes from my mind. It takes a lot of concentration on my part to make it work."

"But, because you're a supernatural being, you can turn invisible at will," finished Snarf for Tygra. Glomer nodded a yes.

"I'd hate to see you go up against Mumm-Ra with any special tricks you have," joked WilyKat. "He'd probably get ancient sideburns on the side of his back. Hahahahahaha!"

WilyKat's joke elicited laughter from everybody around him. A good laugh was just what was needed on a day like this.

When the laughter died down, Brandon got off the window and ran up to Lion-O. The young lord took notice and got down on one knee to pet Punky's longtime friend. He had a wistful expression in his eyes and on his face. Looking at Brandon reminded him of Kano, Claudus's old pet from when Thundera still existed. Lion-O was about Glomer's age, and he enjoyed Kano's company whenever Claudus had urgent matters to attend to. Snarf, who had been Lion-O's guardian at the time, felt heartbroken that Lion-O would choose Kano over him, but it was Claudus who assured Snarf that love was a universal thing. Snarf took those words to heart and eventually accepted Kano as a brother.

Bringing his mind back to the present, Lion-O said to Brandon softly, "You're doing a great job of looking after Punky. Never let her out of your sight. Okay?"

Brandon nodded, and he jumped up and licked Lion-O's face. Lion-O smiled at this affection and let Brandon near the seat Punky was at. Punky turned her seat to face her bestest friend, and she allowed him to jump onto her lap.

"I'm the most proud of you, Brandon, for helping to get rid of those Mutants," Punky said softly as she petted Brandon's forehead. Everyone else looked on at the strong relationship between master and pet; it was a sight not worth forgetting.

Margaux blinked her eyes, and suddenly she remembered the condition the Cat's Lair was in right now. She asked the ThunderCats, "How's the Cat's Lair looking?"

"When we got back, it looked pretty beat up except for the head," Panthro replied. "And I noticed the ion cannon I designed for the chest was destroyed, too."

"Eh, sorry about that, Panthro. Snarf snarf," said Snarf sheepishly.

"No worries, pal," the panther said self-assuredly. "I remain the most proud of building the ThunderTank. Anything else I build is second nature."

"Are you all gonna repair the lair anytime soon?" asked Allen.

"We'll fix it up tomorrow, Allen," Lion-O replied. "We're pretty exhausted from fighting the three Mutant races in the Hunting Plains. But we'll check to see what parts of the lair need repairs."

"WilyKit and I came up with an attack called the ThunderSmack," Kat said excitedly to Team Punky. "We used it against Lion-O in the training room and against the Monkians."

"Really?" Punky said as she half-turned her chair to face the ThunderKittens.

"Really," answered Kit. "We'd show you, but as Lion-O said, we're beat."

"There's still time to tour the rest of the lair before we turn in," informed Cheetara, and then she asked, "Does anyone care for some food and drinks?"

"Sure thing, Cheetara," said Cherie. "I think we could all use 'em after today."

"Good. Let's go to the dining room then."

Punky gasped, also remembering something. She asked, "Hey, Snarf, weren't you telling my friends and I about the story of Jaga?"

"Why, of course I was," Snarf replied, never having forgotten to tell the rest of the story during his battle with the Mutants. "I'll reveal more about him once we're at the dining room."

This amazed the other ThunderCats. Jaga had been a like a father to them all, especially Lion-O. For Snarf to tell Jaga's story assured them that the late ThunderCat's legacy would never be in vain.

"I think that's an excellent idea," beamed Tygra. "At the very least, Punky and friends deserve to know the truth about Jaga."

Punky let Brandon off her lap as she and the other kids got up from their seats, Glomer and Snarf got off the window, and all the ThunderCats and Team Punky went to the dining room.

Twilight came at last, and everyone was ready to turn in after having spent the rest of the day filling themselves up with more food and drinks (with Snarf telling Team Punky more about Jaga), touring the rest of Cat's Lair, and using the restroom. The ThunderCats checked up quickly on the lair's damage in the control room before retiring for the night. Lion-O was in his specially-designed room sitting on his bed, contemplating all that had happened today. It certainly seemed strange that Team Punky would appear out of the blue like they did. He got the feeling that, with them around, things in the ThunderCats' life on Third Earth would be even more exciting. As it was pointed out earlier this morning in the council chamber, it was powerful sorcery that brought Punky and her friends to this timeline. Perhaps someday the ThunderCats could find a way to generate a portal similar to the one Team Punky arrived in so the latter group could return to First Earth intact. Until then, both Team Punky and the ThunderCats would have to learn to trust each other.

This is a lot to take in all at once, Lion-O thought, clasping his fists softly. Punky and her friends mean well, even if they seem dysfunctional like the ThunderCats. And yet...something about Punky reminds me of myself. Though she retains her childhood, I've lost mine. He closed his eyes, lowered his head, and let his sadness settle in, tears flowing from his eyes. It was in moments such as this that even he was entitled to have doubts.

"Quite the day, wasn't it, Lion-O?" a familiar yet otherworldly voice said to Lion-O. The young lord opened his eyes in surprise, and he looked up to see the ghostly form of Jaga materialize in front of him.

"Jaga," breathed Lion-O.

"You seem to be taking Punky Brewster and her friends' time on Third Earth well," comforted Jaga.

Lion-O explained, "It was just yesterday when they mysteriously appeared here. They wouldn't have survived if the ThunderCats didn't take them in. Just today they helped defeat the Mutants." He added with a chuckle, "Invisibly, of course."

"I sense there's more to Punky's arrival then you're letting on," urged Jaga gently. "Do tell me."

"I'd be lying if I said she didn't remind me of myself," began Lion-O, his emotions pouring out. "She does. I look at her and wonder what my own life would be like if I had more time with my childhood and my parents. Punky doesn't seem to let anything get her down. No matter what life throws at her, she just gets back up."

Jaga looked at his former pupil with sympathetic eyes. "Your childhood was stolen from you, I know. It is something that you will live with for the rest of your life. But you cannot undo what has been done. Your duty is to the present, not the past."

As always, Jaga was right. This prompted Lion-O to say to him, "Snarf's been talking about you to Punky and her friends. I believe it was right of them to know who you were and what you did."

Jaga smiled sadly at those words, thinking of Claudus and Liana back in the astral plane. "It's never easy to talk about someone close to you who's no longer of the living, Lion-O. Whenever you feel ready to talk about your feelings to the other ThunderCats, I shall support you, as will they."

Lion-O dried his tears with his left hand and grinned at his old teacher. He was glad Jaga arrived at the right time. "Thank you, Jaga," he said humbly.

"You're welcome, my lord," returned Jaga, raising his cape with his left arm. "I will leave you now to your rest. Remember my words, and heed them well." He pulled his cape around him with his right arm, and in an instant, he vanished.

I will, Jaga, and thanks again, Lion-O, smiling proudly, thought. Jaga was indeed the wisest ThunderCat, before and after his death. Lion-O was grateful to have him in his life to help him whenever he felt stuck on what to do. He closed his eyes and yawned, and he smiled softly. He was now officially ready to go to bed.

Nighttime at last came, and Mumm-Ra had woken from his slumber once again to perform his duty - turn Glomer over to the dark side and have him obliterate the ThunderCats. He was at his cauldron, which showed visions of the ThunderCats and their new friends sleeping soundly in their respective rooms. By the time the cauldron showed Glomer sleeping upwards in his blanket while Punky slept in her bed and Brandon slept on the floor, Mumm-Ra knew he hit the jackpot. The mummy smiled, his jagged teeth showing. He laughed menacingly.

"My dear Glomer," he said to the vision, feigning concern, "your homesickness will affect you like never before."

He lifted his hands and began chanting in an ancient language, his eyes glowing. He waved his hands around slowly in a dance-like motion. When he completed the chant, a staff appeared in a pink glow - a completely black staff with a headpiece of a red-horned, red-toothed black bull with eye sockets. He grasped it with both hands, and then its glow vanished. He held it in front of Glomer, and the bull head's sockets fired small, emerald-colored telepathic lasers at Glomer's forehead. Soon, very soon, the young Glomley would experience a transformation his friends would never forget.

At long last, Glomer had returned to Chaundoon and was back in the home he was born in.

"Momley! Dadley! I back!" he called. His parents came rushing towards their son, shocked that he was in one piece.

"Glomer? You still being alive?" his mother asked.

"Yes, Momley," he replied with a nod. "I be taking good care of myself."

"Oh, sonley," his father said empathetically. "We thought something badley been happening to you. We just being happy you safe and sound."

Mother, father, and son embraced each other in a tight hug with eyes shut, and tears rolled down to their furry cheeks. Glomer and his family had been reunited once again. When they broke the embrace and wiped away their tears, Glomer explained his time in the human world.

"I been having lots of fun with human girl named Punky Brewster. She and her friends been very generous to me, though I been feeling very close to Punky friend. We got in danger whole lot, but we pulled through whole lot, too. And we became closer for it. She been filling void in my heart that was empty. Finally when portal to Chaundoon opened, I bidding farewell to Punky friend, taking with me adventures that we been making together. I know in my heart that Punky friend always being there for me, as I being there for her in her own heart."

There was no malice in Glomer's parents' expressions. They were of an understanding nature. Simply they nodded.

"As long as you be making friends, that all that matter to us," said his mother.

"We always love you no matter what be happening," his father added.

"Oh, thank you, Momley and Dadley," said Glomer gleefully. "Can we be getting something to eat?" he asked.

The mother and father Glomleys looked at each other happily and then back to their son. "Of course," they replied together.

Just as the family was about to eat some food, they heard the sound of puffing going on outside. Curious, Glomer ran to the door, floated upwards, and widened his eyes in terror. Everything and everyone in Chaundoon were glowing white and disappearing in a puff of equally-white smoke. Glomer trembled as this was happening right in front of him.

"GLOOOMEEERRR!" shouted his parents from below. He looked downwards to see them only for them and their house to meet the very same fate that was befalling Chaundoon. This brought Glomer to tears.

"M-m-Momley...D-d-Dadley..." he weakly said, now more terrified. His fear was so strong that he floated back down to the ground on both knees, and he let tears flow from his eyes. Both his parents were now gone, as were everything and everyone around him that he held dear. He slowly looked to the fuschia-colored, yellow-clouded sky and noticed that it had yet to fade out.

But then, a brilliant white light covered the sky up, forcing Glomer to shield his eyes, and it exploded in a puff of white smoke that was windy. Glomer yelped as the smoke forcibly rolled him backwards. When it dissipated, Glomer opened his eyes to see nothing but pitch blackness. He searched frantically to see if any remnants of Chaundoon existed...but everywhere he looked, it was the exact same thing.

"Where be everybody?" he asked, his voice echoing. "Momley? Dadley? Anybody?" His heart sank immediately, and sadness overtook him. He slumped on the floor, and more tears came out of his eyes. He sniffled as he was beginning to realize that he was the last survivor of Chaundoon as well as the last of Glomleykind.

"Glomer," an old male voice that sounded like a Glomley said. Glomer snapped to attention at the voice, looking left to right with his eyes.

"W-w-who there?" he asked fearfully.

"It all right, Glomer. There be nothing to fear," the voice continued. A turquoise light materialized behind Glomer, and he looked behind him to see the familiar form of Glomward, the Great Glomley Elder, holding his cane on the ground. Glomer blinked three times to see if he was dreaming.

"Great Glomley Elder?! You alive?! But that not possible! All Chaundoon go poof!" he exclaimed quickly.

"No, Glomer," the Elder replied, shaking his head a no. "This all being test. What you been seeing is vision of what might happen if Chaundoon not existing anymore. It been meaning to prepare you for what to come."

"B-but Great Glomley Elder, how you expecting me to be prepared for what to come?" asked Glomer.

"Very simple, my boy." The Elder smiled. "I training you."

This came as a shock to Glomer. " will?"

"Certainly." Then the Elder's face turned serious again. "Chaundoon still be existing, but it may be facing fate far worse than what you been seeing unless you wanting to become stronger."

This was a lot for Glomer to take in. All of Chaundoon vanishing in front of him only for it to be an illusion? The Great Glomley Elder offering to train him? What could all of this mean? The Elder placed a paw on Glomer's right shoulder as assurance. They both faced each other, Glomer's face uncertain and the Elder's face very certain.

"I teaching you all you need to know," informed the Elder. "All I needing is answer from you."

This test gave Glomer a lot to think about. He looked down on the black floor. He'd been away from Chaundoon for so long, but although he missed it sometimes, he never considered that it would be in severe danger. He believed that it would always exist even if its portal opened back up and he returned to his homeland. However, if what the Great Glomley Elder said was true, that Chaundoon really would meets its doom somehow, then Glomer would never forgive himself. So he faced the Elder with courage etched on his face, and gave the him his answer.

"Yes, Elder," he said, his voice now certain. "I training with you. When we begin?"

The Elder gave a huge smile. "We begin tomorrow." Then he turned serious again. "But you not telling anyone about all this, especially our meeting, or else Chaundoon being automatically destroyed." The Elder stepped back from Glomer before the younger Glomley could respond. He closed his eyes and disappeared in the same glow he appeared to Glomer in.

"Elder, wait!" Glomer cried out, but soon everything, even him, disappeared in turquoise.

Glomer woke up with a gasp. He clasped his beating heart with both paws, breathing as though he were on a rollercoaster ride. He was sweating, too. He look at both Punky and Brandon, who were sound asleep as if nothing had disturbed them. He didn't want to give them reason to. He finally calmed down once his heart stopped beating, his stress level was down, and he wiped the sweat from his forehead, and thought about the vision dream he had. He saw that Chaundoon's end wasn't real and that the Great Glomley Elder tested him. Also, he heard the Elder's warning that their homeland would be no more if he said anything to anybody about the dream. That would mean especially not telling his Team Punky friends or his new ThunderCat friends. Glomer's face became sad. The fate of Chaundoon now rested in his paws. He felt terrible for being put into that position. But he didn't have a say in the matter. Pulling himself together, he gave off a serious expression and clenched his right paw into a fist.

All right, Elder, he thought. I doing as you ask of me - no mentioning of my dream to anyone. I not letting you and our people down. Counting on it. And he went back to sleep, having reached his decision.

Mumm-Ra observed the young Glomley proudly, still holding his new staff. With a lot more "convincing," he would have himself an agent of darkness like he was. Yes, there were the Mutants, but the everliving source of evil was craving a servant of a more magical nature, one that really understood what was at stake.

"The illusion I cast in Glomer's mind is working marvelously," he said. "It is only a matter of time before his power will reach its zenith. Yes, Glomer," he said directly to the Glomley's sleeping form. "You will serve me quite well. Once you've eliminated the ThunderCats and helped me regain control of Third Earth, I'll dispose of you." When he held up his staff with only his right hand, he added with an extra dose of authority, "And I'll destroy your precious Chaundoon, regardless of your promise." He laughed regularly, then maniacally, the black bull's sockets giving off medium-sized electrical red sparks. Thunder and lightning flashed outside from the skylight above the tomb chamber, seemingly agreeing with Mumm-Ra. Tonight was the start of the demon priest's return to dominance over all of Third Earth.

Punky Brewster/ThunderCats: Punks of Thunder
Chapter Notes: This is a brand-new chapter that's full of excitement. There's plenty more to come in future chapters. Snarf saved the other ThunderCats with help from the lowly creatures of Third Earth in the season-one ThunderCats episode "Snarf Takes Up the Challenge." The ThunderCat laser shields used in this story are from "The Astral Prison," another season-one episode. Cat's Lair's grey-blue ion cannon is a modification of the red one from the Cat's Lair playset from the LJN ThunderCats toy line. Mumm-Ra's staff is the one that came with LJN's mummy Mumm-Ra figure, which was their mail-in and came with their Mumm-Ra's Tomb Fortress playset. Glomer's vision dream was inspired by Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, a 1988 Looney Tunes feature in which the money the late J.P. Cubish left Daffy Duck disappears first in a glow and later in a puff.

PUNKS OF THUNDER: © 2014 Philip Gipson.

PUNKY BREWSTER: TM & © NBCUniversal, Inc.
THUNDERCATS: TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and Ted Wolf.


Chicago - it is the most populous city in the state of Illinois and in the American Midwest, and it is also the third largest city in the United States of America. 9.5 million people - men, women, and children alike - occupy it. It is in this city that we begin the tale of a very special little girl, sleeping soundly in her carriage-style bed in her prominently colorful room. Her name: Penelope "Punky" Brewster (though she always went by the nickname her mother gave her). Right by her side is her dog Brandon, a Golden Retriever whom Punky nicknamed "The Wonder Dog," sleeping within a customized doghouse. It was a Tuesday morning, and soon the sun would arise to greet the day. Punky had been through a lot over the years; since her parents were never there for her (her father left their family and her mother abandoned her at a shopping center), she had built a wall around herself so she would never again get hurt. It was a good thing that she had only Brandon to count on, for the bond between them had gotten strong. Throughout their hardships, it had remained strong. Then, suddenly, they happened upon a vacant building they'd now resided in which was managed by an elderly photographer named Henry P. Warnimont, who had out a photography studio within a downtown mall.

When he first encountered Punky, their relationship was rocky, mostly because Henry's wife's death had made him cynical and bitter. But, after he heard Punky's story, their relationship started to grow. Henry's fostering of a child had been met with skepticism from social workers who would eventually side with him, and Punky was temporarily placed into Fenster Hall, a place where orphaned kids like herself could be taken care of. She made friends there, but no matter how hard she tried, Punky just couldn't get Henry out of her head; it was like she and him had already become one, a true father-daughter team. Soon afterwards, Henry had officially adopted Punky through court. Punky couldn't be any happier. The two were more alike than they realized, as their hearts needed healing from all the pain and suffering they'd endured in their lives. Now Punky, Henry, and Brandon behaved like a real family, despite getting on each other's nerves from time to time.

Another person who entered Punky's life was Glomer, a Glomley who came from Chaundoon, a city at the end of the rainbow. Punky had been riding her bicycle one day with Brandon tagging along, and they went to see a rainbow that, unbeknownst to them, also was a portal to Chaundoon. They then decided to head back home, but Glomer, with his peaked curiosity, ventured into the human world. By the time he caught up with Punky and Brandon, he startled the former, causing her to ruin her bike. He at first was uncomfortable around her, but seeing Punky offering friendship, he repaired her bike with his magic instantly. It was the start of a beautiful friendship. Even Brandon had taken a liking to the Glomley.

Eventually Punky's other friends - Cherie Benson (whom Punky became fast friends with), rich girl Margaux Kramer, and geeky Allen Anderson - caught wind of Glomer and joined Punky and Brandon in keeping Glomer's existence a secret from everyone, including Henry. Suddenly, the portal to Chaundoon was closing, and Glomer immediately rushed back to his beloved city...only to arrive too late, as the portal had closed. This saddened Glomer, for he now regretted ever leaving Chaundoon. But Punky, true to her word, chose to adopt Glomer as her new friend; she wouldn't abandon him the way her parents abandoned her. Likewise, Glomer wouldn't abandon Punky either, for the friendship he felt from her was now inside his heart, and it would remain with him for all of eternity should he ever return to Chaundoon. For right now, however, their fates had been linked. Glomer was sleeping above Brandon and Punky in his blanket.

The alarm clock on Punky's dresser went off at 7:00am, and the sun slowly rose near Punky's window, which was shaded by a curtain of a happy-faced crescent moon and several stars. Punky herself was stirred awake by the alarm. She yawned, stretched out her limbs, and scratched her back. She got up from her bed, which went down from her movement, and went to turn off her alarm, and in her pajamas no less. She pulled up the moon curtain to reveal the rising sun. Brandon and Glomer had also awakened, having yawned and stretched out their own limbs. It would be the start of a new day for all three of them.

"Good morning, Brandon and Glomer," Punky said to her two best friends. "Are you ready and raring to go?" Brandon barked an enthusiastic yes.

"You betcha, Punky friend," agreed Glomer. Like all Glomleys, Glomer's speech pattern was limited, but it didn't stop him from always being there for Punky. He folded up his blanket nice and neatly and placed it inside his left pouch, and he floated downwards to the ground.

"Then let's go!" she declared happily as she, Glomer, and Brandon walked out the open door and into the kitchen for some breakfast. Suddenly Punky remembered something.

"I want you to make yourself invisible, okay, Glomer?" she warned. "You don't wanna get caught in the act now, do you?"

"Nope," replied Glomer, and he easily turned himself invisible before he and his friends went to the kitchen.

When they arrived there, they were treated with such a sight. On the table was a large plate of cut, syrup-coated pancakes, bacon, and eggs with a glass of orange juice. On the floor, Brandon's bowl was filled with sliced watermelons and was accompanied by a glass bowl of water.

"Wow," whispered Punky, her eyes wide in amazement. She smelled the food on the plate and discovered it was freshly cooked. Now she really felt like eating breakfast. Before she sat down at the table, she noticed a familiar presence entering the kitchen. It was Henry, her foster father, in his pajamas. He smiled proudly upon his foster daughter and her dog.

"Good morning, Punky and Brandon," he greeted. "I hope you enjoy your meal."

Punky was very pleased by his presence. She asked him, "Did you do all this?"

"Why, of course," answered Henry. "I've made sure that the food on your plate was nice and toasty warm."

Punky was at a loss for words. No way would Henry be able to make breakfast this fresh so quickly. It made absolutely no sense. What was really going on with him? Was he some kind of speed demon? Punky shook her head of that thought - no one was fast, not even the elderly. So the breakfast Henry made for her and Brandon could not've been this quick.

"Um, Punky? Are you still half-asleep?"

Punky quickly looked up at her foster father. "Oh, no, Henry. I'm fine."

"Please, eat your breakfast. It's not getting any hotter."

Punky took a seat at the table and dined in, followed by Brandon feasting on the watermelons. "What about you? Are you feeling alright?" she asked her foster father, to which he callously laughed.

"Yes, my dear," he replied. "I've never felt better in my life."

"Are you going to work today?" Punky asked.

"Of course I am. I have to be in top shape if I wanta take photographs."

"That's good," Punky replied back. She sat down and ate her breakfast while Brandon feasted on the watermelons.

"Make sure you enjoy yourself today. Time waits for no one, you know," Henry advised his foster daughter in that same cheery manner, and he went to the bathroom to take a shower, leaving Punky and Brandon alone. Soon after that, Glomer made himself visible to the two.

"The coast is clear for now, Glomer," greeted Punky in whispers to the small creature so he wouldn't be found out by Henry. "Do you want a piece o' my bacon?"

"Of course," the Glomley whispered back. Punky offered him a piece of bacon, and he chewed it up rather quickly in a saw-like motion, swallowed it down, and licked his lips. "Mmm," he said dreamily.

"Glad you enjoyed it," Punky said happily.

"What was that, Punky?" Henry called from the bathroom.

"It was...probably somebody who must be mowing really fast outside," replied the girl in the hopes of protecting Glomer.

"Well, maybe they oughta dial down the noise a bit," Henry stated to Punky's relief. "I could be rendered deaf at any time."

His statement elicited a quiet snicker from Punky. When she regained her composure, she chastised Glomer. "Be careful, Glomer," she hissed. "You have to keep your existence a secret."

"I sorry about that," said Glomer embarrassingly.

Brandon barked if Glomer wanted some watermelon to which the smaller creature nodded a yes. He took a piece and, unlike with that piece of bacon, nibbled on the watermelon, mindful of the seeds within it.

The rest of their time together was spent eating their food. So far today was starting out good for them and for Henry. But just then, they heard Henry cry out in pain. They looked in the direction of the bathroom. This worried them so.

"You stay here, Glomer, while Brandon and I go check on Henry," Punky whispered to the Glomley.

"If you be saying so," Glomer replied.

Punky and Brandon immediately went to Henry's aid, and they discovered that he was clutching his chest in pain. He breathed raspily.

"What's wrong, Henry?" asked Punky worriedly.

"It''s nothing, sweetheart," Henry struggled to say.

"You gave Brandon and I a good scare." Brandon barked in agreement.

"I assure you that I'll be alright," insisted Henry. "I'll have to cancel my trip and have a doctor evaluate me. Go on and finish your breakfast. You don't wanna be late for school now, do you?"

"Well...okay, Henry," said Punky in defeat. There was no sense in getting all worked up over foster father, though her concern for him didn't entirely fade. She and Brandon returned to the kitchen to see Glomer.

"Glomer, Henry's having chest pain," she informed.

"Did someone be giving good whack to his chest?" asked Glomer confusingly.

"No," corrected Punky as she indicated her own chest. "Chest pain is a symptom of the body. It happens randomly to anybody. Mr. Fulton taught us all about physics at school yesterday."

"What going to happen to Henry?" asked Glomer, afraid of what might happen to Punky's foster father.

"Why don't the three of us talk to Cherie, Margaux, and Allen about Henry after school?" Punky consulted. "They might provide us some clues about why his chest pain was so sudden."

Glomer said, "Okey-dokey. We talk to your friends after school."

Punky nodded. "That's good to hear." Glomer smiled at his human friend.

"You bestest friend I ever met." He hugged Punky. Brandon was a little offended and whimpered sadly.

"Aw, Brandon," cooed Punky, patting Brandon on the head and making him feel better. "You and Glomer are both my bestest friends. We're gonna need all the friends we can get if we're to be there for Henry." Now she was feeling certain she made the right choice in telling her other friends about her foster father's condition.

After school was done at 3:30pm, Punky, Glomer, and Brandon were assembled at Punky's treehouse with Cherie, Allen, and Margaux. They were all assembled for what Punky was about to tell them. Glomer, of course, was back to floating above ground. The four kids were wearing their backpacks on their backs (Punky's was yellow, Margaux's was navy blue, Cherie's was green, and Allen's was orange).

Punky had her hair tied in small pigtails and wore her usual clothing with a slightly-rolled-up right pant leg, a scarf tied to her left leg, and mismatched shoes, while Cherie, her afro hair tied in a singular pigtail, wore a sleeveless peach shirt, fuschia jeans, and white shoes, Margaux, the third girl, wore two pink bows on her hair and had on a pink-and-white dress, white footies, and pink tap shoes, and Allen, the only boy in Punky's group, wore a brown vest underneath a white sweater, beige jeans, and red-and-gray sneakers.

Noticably, Cherie wasn't wearing her headband and arm ring - a neutral decision on her part. Glomer and Brandon remained quiet, intently listening in on the kids' conversation.

"Thanks for meeting up with me, guys," Punky said to her three friends. "I don't know what I'd have done."

"No problem, Punky," said Cherie. "So what's the emergency that you wanted to tell us about?"

Punky breathed in and out. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but it had to be said. "It's about Henry."

"What's wrong with Henry?" Allen inquired.

"During my breakfast time, he had chest pain," explained Punky. "Before that, he said he and some friends were going on a trip to take all sorts of pictures."

"Well, maybe all the stress he has is getting to him," surmised Cherie. "It could be because he's overworking himself just thinking about you."

"He's my foster dad. It's his job to worry about me. Still, I can't get over what could've happened to him earlier."

"Well, maybe he's just feeling out of shape," said Allen in his usual geeky way.

"Or..." Margaux offered matter-of-factly, " could be because his spirit isn't all it's cracked up to be."

Punky merely scoffed at that remark. "No way. Henry's spirit works just fine. You're just pulling my leg."

"Henry's chest pain could mean anything," deduced Cherie.

"It could affect any part of his body," Allen duly noted.

"Or give him short-term memory loss," added Punky.

"It's either those two or...or perhaps his time is coming," concluded Margaux bluntly.

Punky's, Allen's, Cherie's, Brandon's, and Glomer's eyes widened in surprise at Margaux's claim. Cherie snapped to Margaux, "Don't say such things like that!"

"Why not?" shot back Margaux. "Nobody lives forever, so it's best to make due with what happens now."

"I'd take Henry's chest pain or him losing his memory over him dying any day," challenged Punky.

Margaux sighed at Punky's bravery. "Oh, you poor, deluded kid," she sullenly said. "You're too wrapped up in yourself to see the big picture." She stood up and looked Punky directly in the eye and smirked. "You know I'm right," she added in a low tone.

Allen couldn't stand for this, so he got up and made Margaux face him instead. "Margaux, that's enough," he spat. "You're scaring Punky with this nonsense about Henry dying."

Punky was in her thoughts, too distracted to notice Cherie joining in the eventual brawl between her, Margaux, and Allen that would break out. Punky didn't want to believe Margaux's words, but somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew the proud blonde was telling the truth. What if Henry's time really was coming? Punky imagined herself being sent to a new foster home, or worse, boarding school. Neither option to her would be the same as what she had with Henry. If he died, then Punky's world would surely fall apart; she had already lost so much in her life.

No. Punky rid her head of such horrible thoughts. Margaux was simply being her typical self. Standing up and facing her friends, she angrily shouted to them, "That's enough! No more fighting!" Immediately, the three kids called it off, but not before Allen and Cherie gave Margaux a brief death glare.

"Peasants," Margaux spat, a word she always used around those who were beneath her.

Before they all could take their focus off of Henry, Glomer had an idea that he hoped would work. Margaux's choice words about Henry seemingly had gotten to him.

"Oh, Punky friend, what be happening if I prevent someone from dying?"

"Glomer, you're not suggesting..." Punky was shocked, as were her friends; Brandon whimpered, fearing for what Glomer was about to do.

Glomer nodded. "Yep. I going to save Henry's life."

"Whoa, whoa! Take it easy now, Glomer," implored Allen. "Do you really wanna mess with the forces of nature?"

"Y-you know I was only joking, right?" laughed Margaux nervously.

"Please reconsider, Glomer. Please!" Cherie begged.

"Don't do it, Glomer," urged Punky. "As much as some people fear death, even me, cheating it is just wrong."

Punky and her friends' pleas fell on deaf ears. All that was on Glomer's mind was saving Henry from "certain doom." "Glomer know it risky," he declared, "but Glomer be darned if he not try."

Now he felt a sense of pride swelling up within him. He was about to ignore what common sense was telling him. No one could raise the dead, and it especially applied to Glomer's kind. It was a law decreed by the Glomleys that they wouldn't interfere with how humanity worked. But Glomer wasn't with his people; he was with Punky and her crew. If he didn't follow his heart, then he would never be able to forgive himself. He'd come to understand the bond Punky and Henry shared from the way she spoke about the man. His thoughts finally in order, Glomer made his choice known at last.

"All right!" he proclaimed with a smile. "I gonna do it!"

"No, Glomer!" cried Punky and her friends frantically, but it was too late as Glomer held out his hands and zapped his magic sparkles across the backyard all the way to where Henry was. Unfortunately, due to Glomer's inexperience, the sparkles bounced upwards and ricocheted into the partly-cloudy sky. All of the sudden, dark clouds eclipsed the sky and the shining sun, and thunder and lightning flashed in front of the inhabitants of the treehouse.

Uh-oh. I done a badley thing, Glomer thought with despair.

"I-I think we better stay inside until the storm passes," Cherie said fearfully.

Punky could only stare at the sky in disbelief - no rain came down. She really believed Glomer's idea wouldn't work. She could understand why he went through with it, but she still thought it was crazy. She berated herself for not being more forceful with Glomer, and she facepalmed with both hands. "Oh, Glomer. What in the world did you do?" she asked, her voice muted.

"I sorry," said Glomer sadly. "I letting you all down."

Then, he and the rest of Team Punky felt a gust of wind blowing their way. Accompanying that was a glowing purple portal that appeared in the sky. It fired a spotlight-like beam towards the crew, paralyzing them and forcing them to close their eyes, and it seemed their bodies would remain frozen as if they were stone statues.

"Hey! What's happening?!" shouted Margaux.

"I...I don't know, but we can't fight it off!" Allen shouted just as much.

"This beam is just too powerful for us!" Cherie called out. "We're all doomed!"

Punky, however, didn't share her friends' fears and basically resigned to whatever fate befell she and them. "This is it then," she whispered as tears fell from her eyes. "There's no escape for us. I'll never see Henry again. He was a brilliant foster father to me."

Multi-colored lightning came out of the beam and engulfed the small crew, but it didn't so much as electrocute them. Instead, it carried them upwards into the portal. Everyone screamed (Brandon howled) as they were getting closer and closer to the portal. And then, they were inside it, absolutely nowhere to be seen. Afterwards, the beam, its portal, and the dark clouds evaporated, leaving the sun and partly-cloudly blue sky in their place. It was seemingly the last time that Punky Brewster had spent on Mother Earth. A squadron of birds flew by as if nothing ever happened, not even what had transpired this day.

Henry, dressed in a green shirt, dark-blue jeans, and black socks after having gotten back from seeing a doctor, put on his shoes and rushed outside to the backyard to see what the commotion was about. He thought he'd heard a storm brewing, and he looked up to the sky to see that there was no storm; it died down so quickly then. He took notice of Punky and her friends not in her treehouse.

"Punky? Where are you?" he questioned to dead air. School was over for the day, so there was no reason for Punky to focus anymore on schoolwork other than homework. Henry shrugged it off as simply a field-trip assignment, but he wished that Punky had told him first. Nonetheless, he knew that Punky would take care of herself. He trusted her.

What do you have to worry about, Henry? Punky's a strong person. You need to learn to let her make her own choices once in a while.

He smiled kindly and went back inside his apartment to go about his business, having gotten his thoughts in order. Punky would return to him on her own accord.

Punky Brewster/ThunderCats: Punks of Thunder
When Punky notices something strange about her foster father, Henry Warnimont, she believes something may be wrong with him. Fearing Henry will die on Punky, Glomer the Glomley takes it upon himself to prevent Henry's death from happening. Despite warnings from Punky and her other friends -- her dog Brandon, Margaux Kramer, Cherie Benson (that's Cherie's last name for my story rather than "Johnson" as a sign of respect for the actress who played her), and Allen Anderson -- Glomer is determined to find a way to save Henry.

Unfortunately, a magical mishap by Glomer sends him and his charges to the world of Third Earth, where they meet up with Lion-O and the ThunderCats and get into all kinds of shenanigans while they explore the dimension they're in, even encountering the Mutants and Mumm-Ra. The latter villain discovers an interesting secret about Glomer that will help him vanquish the ThunderCats and rule in darkness forever. Will the ThunderCats and their new friends prevent him from accomplishing his mission?

Author Notes: This story is set during the cartoon version of the Punky Brewster sitcom and in the middle of season one of the classic ThunderCats series, but deviates from the latter show's canon slightly, Lion-O's annointment trials never happening for instance. In this fic, my ThunderCats have fur and fangs instead of "skin" and normal teeth; Snarf, however, will have buckteeth and fangs. The Cherie character that I'm writing is based on an animated cel of her that exists on the Internet:

Chapter Notes: The first chapter only covers Punky's side of things, but the rest of the story will be from the ThunderCats' side of things while not singling out Punky and her crew. Glomleys not interfering with how humanity works is from "Not All Rainbows Are Golden," a Punky Brewster storybook that's available now on YouTube to read/hear:…

PUNKS OF THUNDER: © 2013 Philip Gipson.

PUNKY BREWSTER: TM & © NBCUniversal, Inc.
THUNDERCATS: TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and Ted Wolf.

When they were rerun after their first broadcast, the first season of ThunderCats and the complete series of SilverHawks had the closed-captioning bits inserted in as a result of transferring both shows to tape.

Reruns of ThunderCats season one in the late 1985-86 season, while featuring the very iconic Rankin-Bass/Telepictures logo combination, featured these words at the end:


There was a second variant of those words:


In early 1986, when Telepictures merged with Lorimar Productions to become Lorimar-Telepictures, they obtained the LJN version of ThunderCats' first season, therefore replacing the 1983 Telepictures logo with their own prototype logo in March 1986.

In September that same year, the words "Closed Captioned for the Hearing Impaired" (complete w/CC symbol) appeared at the beginning of every episode of the LJN-printed first season, and Lorimar-Telepictures inserted in their new "crashing comets" logo at the end. It was also the month that SilverHawks debuted.

Now, when SilverHawks was rerun late in the 1986-87 season, the CC credits appeared at the beginning of the entire series along with these ending words:


In some markets during said season, neither SilverHawks nor ThunderCats season one's LJN version had the CC credits at the beginning, though the Rankin-Bass/Lorimar-Telepictures logo combo was retained for the latter and the former still had the above ending words.

When they were rerun after their first broadcast, the first season of ThunderCats and the complete series of SilverHawks had the closed-captioning bits inserted in as a result of transferring both shows to tape.

Reruns of ThunderCats season one in the late 1985-86 season, while featuring the very iconic Rankin-Bass/Telepictures logo combination, featured these words at the end:


There was a second variant of those words:


In early 1986, when Telepictures merged with Lorimar Productions to become Lorimar-Telepictures, they obtained the LJN version of ThunderCats' first season, therefore replacing the 1983 Telepictures logo with their own prototype logo in March 1986.

In September that same year, the words "Closed Captioned for the Hearing Impaired" (complete w/CC symbol) appeared at the beginning of every episode of the LJN-printed first season, and Lorimar-Telepictures inserted in their new "crashing comets" logo at the end. It was also the month that SilverHawks debuted.

Now, when SilverHawks was rerun late in the 1986-87 season, the CC credits appeared at the beginning of the entire series along with these ending words:


In some markets during said season, neither SilverHawks nor ThunderCats season one's LJN version had the CC credits at the beginning, though the Rankin-Bass/Lorimar-Telepictures logo combo was retained for the latter and the former still had the above ending words.


Philip Gipson
United States

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